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We specialise in creating all kinds of architectural masterpieces for your garden like the below mentioned.


Concrete Art :

This includes benches, plaques, stepping stones, bird baths and many other works of art to set your garden apart from the crowd.

Statues :

Our statues help enliven your garden. They come in various forms like fairies, Buddha, cherubs, dragons and angels. Their placement also helps add a new dimension to your garden.

Water Features :

These water features add to the serenity of a garden. Ponds, fountains and waterfalls are definitely its most attractive part of it. They are popular with children as well as adults. They are custom made, keeping in mind the safety of kids and pets; they have low water levels and are electrically safe.

Colour Matching Finish :

We top off the garden installations with a befitting colour match.

Antique Arts :

We can add a touch of tradition to your outdoors with antique furniture, garden benches, bird baths and sun dials.

Gate Pillars :

A classy front gate with stately pillars can provide a silent but majestic welcome to your guests. Gate posts have the power to make or break the beauty of your home and garden. We specialise in different types of gate pillars such as buddha, gargoyle, mermaid, cherub, angels and deliver as specific colour.

Natural Concrete Finish :

We provide an original concrete finish to our products to make them look adorable.

Pond Building :

Everybody loves a pond with still water, swimming fish, cool looking rocks around its periphery and fountain in the middle, to top it off. We make sure that this becomes a reality, by providing you with the dream pond.

Garden Decor:

Your garden needs to be nothing short of outstanding. We provide the perfect decor to achieve this objective with a variety of garden art including, but not limited to Bridges, lanterns and sculptures.

Building Artificial Rocks:

We provide your garden with fake rocks that look natural and seem to weigh a lot, we come to your site and build it. They act as the icing on top of the cake and serve to beautify your garden.


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